Wele Creekside PTC families to the 2020-2021 school year. We hope everyone is settling in and finding a routine to help navigate this unique start to our school year.  

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Join Us for Our Next PTC Meeting

October 6th, 6 PM

Please join us tomorrow evening (October 6th) for our PTC meeting. In addition to the general meeting, Jenna Hewitt King, M.Ed, RYT200 will be joining us to talk about self care during this challenging time.

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About Jenna Hewitt King M.ED, RYT 200

Self-Care for Students, Teachers, and munities in 2020

This year has brought many challenges already: a global pandemic, police brutality, raging wildfires. munities are experiencing new levels of overwhelm, anxiety, fear, grief, and our young people are being hit the hardest.

With the necessity for remote instruction, students and teachers across the nation have had their lives turned upside down and are being asked to keep going as if this is normal. It is critical that we acknowledge this is not normal. We need to invest in the time and resources to support students, teachers, and families in managing the unique experiences brought on by 2020. At Castro Valley Yoga, our Youth Wellness Program intends to do just that: support schools and munities through the practices of yoga and mindfulness.

Director Jenna Hewitt King will host a conversation with Creekside PTC on October 6th about the science and impact of these practices on social emotional learning, educational outes, and overall mental health and well-being and how we can work together to make use of the resources available. Jenna Hewitt King, M.Ed, RYT200 (she/her) Jenna Hewitt King is a high school teacher, yoga teacher, and social justice advocate. Jenna has an English teaching credential and a Master’s in Education, focusing her research mostly on social justice pedagogies and practices in the classroom. She received her 200-hour yoga certification in 2018 through Breathe for Change, an organization that trains educators and other leaders to bring yoga, mindfulness, and other wellness and restorative practices into schools and munities.

She hosts many professional development opportunities for local educators centered around equity, social-emotional learning, and teacher self-care. She is a SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) Leader and California TeachPlus Policy Fellow.

Jenna believes that the bridge between social justice and social-emotional learning needs to be studied and amplified in order to create and cultivate substantial change in our schools and munities.

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